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Oregon-based photographer Matt Payne creates stunning landscape and nightscape photography. Payne uses long exposures and composites to illuminate the dark night skies and to capture the motion of the stars in visually stunning compositions. 

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Racism - yesterday - today - tomorrow

I woke up to tons of posts about racism (given all that is going on, that would be natural.) I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately for a variety of reasons. I had my son’s ex-girlfriend over for dinner the other night and we got into a big discussion about it. When she first came to California a year ago she lived with me for the summer before she started at Berkeley so we got to know each other really well and I enjoy her company. Even though she and my son are no longer dating we are still great friends. We were reminiscing about how nervous she was to start school and all that we went through trying to find a co-op for her to live in. I reminded her of one of the questionnaires she filled out to try to get approved for a co-op. One of the questions was “if you could go back in time who would you have dinner with and why?” She immediately wrote “I’m Black! Why would I want to go back in time? We haven’t made any progress as it is!” She had forgotten she wrote that but it made her laugh and be sad at the same time. Yup she said…it’s true.
I also remember about that same time last year my daughter started dating her now boyfriend. I liked him immediately and asked my daughter “why don’t you ask him if he wants to start running with us, and then he can run some of our events?” She answered “mom he can’t run around in his neighborhood or our neighborhood. The cops would automatically assume he stole something.” Often times when she drives him home at night they get pulled over and a few times they handcuffed him and put him in the cop car. After they run a few checks on him they release him and they are free to go. No explanation, no apologies. And you can’t ask anything!! OMG don’t ask anything or you will get thrown to the ground. What is really sad about this is that not much has changed since I was young. I’ve told this story a million times: as a teen I would go to Jack-in-the-Box at night with my Mexican cousins. We would be sitting on the hood of our car eating, talking, laughing. Then the cops would pull up, order us to lay face down on the ground, put a foot on our back, take our IDs, talk to each other for a while, while another cop went to run checks on us. When he got back we were released but told to leave the premises. No explanation, no apology. Just cold food, gravel in our face, and a footprint on our backs. If I would go to Jack-in-the-Box with my white friends we could sit there all night.
Nope……nothing has changed people………nothing has changed. :(

He said he got me a little gift!! I actually already know what it is.  I’m going to hang it on my wall in front of my microphone in my voice over studio.  I have his other gifts there too (a beautiful framed sketch, and my little stuffed puffin.)  His thoughtfulness makes it a true “happy place.”




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I got tagged again!! lol

gotta-be-happy-with-myself tagged me!!!  (I’m so glad she did!)

Name: Jan

Nickname: Jani

Birthday: May 4th.  

Gender: Female

Height: 5’4”

Sexuality: Straight

Time Zone: Pacific (West Coast Rules!!) 

Date and Time: September 15, 2014 and 10:18 pm

Average Hours I sleep: 6 hours (if I’m lucky)

OTP: Kim and Kayne - the best OTP I can think of!!!

Last thing I Googled: My agent’s address.  lol  I got to their offices and completely forgot what floor they are on.  Duh!!!

First Thing That Comes To Mind: Him ………haha.  

Most used phrase or word: Hella………or if little kids are present…..hecka

Last thing I said to a family member:   I got us orchestra seats for Motown The Musical!!  

A place that makes me happy: My sofa.  I’m on it right now.  It is a huge black leather sectional with super soft blankets and two Marilyn Monroe pillows.  I love curling up here at the end of the day with a glass of wine, my iPad, and Max!!!

How many blankets do I sleep under: I start out with one.  It’s been so hot lately I usually kick it off. 

Favorite Drink: Coffee with half and half and stevia.  I love it sweet and creamy. 

Last Movie seen in theaters: The Drop

Three things I can’t live without: My phone, my car, and my Clipper Card.  With those three things….I can really go places. lol

Something I plan on learning: The guitar.  I used to play!!!  But forgot everything I know.  I have three guitars……and can’t play them.  But I have a piano and I know how to play that!!

Advice to Followers: Never settle.  Live life on your terms!!!


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Are men more romantic than women?

This is an interesting question.  I guess because I have clicked an article or two regarding relationship issues I get tons of e-mails about men, communication, relationships etc.  I usually click them off to the trash, but the last few days there has been some interesting ones.  The minute I read the title of the e-mail “are men more romantic than women?” I immediately thought to myself “hell no!”  At least I haven’t met any romantic men since college.  But the article said that men ARE more romantic (after several surveys were conducted.)  So, maybe it is all in how we define romance.  I totally get it that guys are quiet, keep feelings to themselves, don’t need to be with you every minute (or even think about you every minute,) but I truly wonder how romance was defined in the survey.  Holding hands, buying flowers, sweet texts, love e-mails, going out of their way to spend more time together?  I will never find out because I accidentally permanantely deleted the e-mail.  haha.

Haha.  This is great.  I’m starting to think that perhaps having several “irons in the fire” will keep me content.  When one isn’t keeping me “hot” the other ones will. ;)  Something to think about.  lol  

Haha.  This is great.  I’m starting to think that perhaps having several “irons in the fire” will keep me content.  When one isn’t keeping me “hot” the other ones will. ;)  Something to think about.  lol  

One more thing

Last night I was feeling so guilty about drinking and eating dessert. I was pretty sure that my calorie intake was off the charts. Just right now I looked at my Nike Fuel band and I burned 2,000 calories today!!!! Can you believe that? I guess running the 9 miles plus all the running around I did today…..well, I deserved that dessert yesterday. haha